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The Little Black Dress

Little black dress magazine is the world's first and only magazine devoted to the little black dress and the beautiful women who wear little black dresses..

As the curator and publisher, my friends think that I am creative. I like to think that I have no special talent, though my work has been featured in the Museum of Fine Arts, the New York Times, and believe it or not, Soul Train.

What I really am is incredibly curious about people and style. I am curious about what people do, and how and why they do it. Let's look for example at a simple thing like a woman in a dress. I love women in dresses. Don't you? May be because women look wonderful in dresses. May be because there's usually a fascinating story to go along with the dress and ocassion. May be because it is nature's will? What do you think?

I started to think, what if my next artistic curiosity was about women and the quintessential little black dress. what if it would be fun to perform a fashionable social art experiment and curate the largest gallery and magazine in the world of women wearing their little black dresses?

What if you, yes you, could be part of the experience and get all of the attention, admiration, and satisfaction of being celebrated like a star in a little black dress as a participant in this popular history in the making social art project?
What happens when you, yes you, join the celebration of women and their little black dress stories? Let's see!..

To be considered, email your picture in a little black dress to star (at) with your description (name and story about you and your little black dress like):

  • What appealed to you about your little dress
  • Why you bought your little black dress
  • How you feel when you wear your little black dress
  • What was the occasion when you wore your little black dress

Then tell your friends and family that you, yes you are featured in and are part of something really cool and wonderful at